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Campamento de Verano


Summer Camp: 

Our Summer Camps consist of a three-week conservatory intensive where students get a chance to learn acting, movement, dance, improv, music, and many other art forms from some of Providence’s leading theatre artists. At the end of the three weeks, students have a performance for their families and friends. This camp is specialized for students ages 7-13, and for the first time ever, we are creating a second camp for high school students grades 9 - 12! If you or your student are interested in participating in either camp, please click on the link below!   


Google Form Link:


Saturday Conservatory: 

This weekend course allows for students to engage with the art of acting at a more accelerated rate. Taking place on Saturday mornings, this course culminates in a final performance, or trains kids to participate in a Teatro ECAS mainstage show! For more information about how to participate in this program, click on the link below. 


Google Form Link:


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Estas funcionan como una herramienta para preparar a los estudiantes antes de visitar el teatro y para aprender acerca del contexto histórico de nuestras obras.

ECAS posee acceso para minusválidos. 

Contáctenos si usted necesita este servicio. 

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