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By Adriana Mu-kien Sang

Director Francis Parra


March 22  / 23  / 29  / 30  /  2018

7:00   P.M

I am Minerva it is possible thanks  to the support of the White Family Foundation as part of the 20th anniversary of ECAS.


From:  Adriana Mu-Kien Sang 

Direction / Adaptation:  Francis Parra

Picture of:  Jose Ramirez

Duration: 1:20 without intermission

Recommended for the general public

Minerva Mirabal makes confessions of the beyond of life and death.  The confrontation of the three heroines against the murderous satrap is the  new production   that brings to the stage the impetuous struggle of the  national heroes.  

Presented in Spanish and synopsis in English.  

Advance tickets $ 15

Tickets at the door $ 20

ECAS has access for the disabled. 

Contact us if you need this  service. 

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